Tips and advices

Tips and advices


Regular we are asked about a bad outcome result after a hatching process. Sometimes its fast clear what the reason is of a badoutcome result. Recently I spoke with a man and he knew nothing about the breeding eggs. Its important to now how old the eggs are and and how they are stored. Hatching off eggs is a special natural process and it is important to do that carefully.  Accuracy is important with hatching eggs, only a good incubator is not enough.


day 1                                                                                                       day 3 

Ei1               Ei3


day 4                                                                              day 5

Ei4               Ei5


day 7                                                                              day 9 

Ei7               Ei9


day 11                                                                                   day 12

Ei11               Ei12


day 14                                                                           day 18

Ei14               Ei18


day 20                                                                           day 21

Ei20               hans




Sometimes something goes wrong during the hatching process. In nature that happened also. Comes one problem frequently for, then it is good to look for a possible cause. It makes sense then to make several eggs open, to make clear at what stage the development is stopped.


1. Egg is clear / empty during candling = egg is not fertilized or                             deceased in early stage
2. Fertilized with red blood vessels = egg development after 8 days
3. Red or black spots = early death at candling about 8 days.
4. Embryo with red blood 'ring' = early death during the inspection                       on 8 days.
5. Dark outline with poorly visible detail = late death (10-16 days).
6. Live embryo with beak in air bag = chick will hatch in 24-48 hours.
7. Normal development of the air bag in days
Do you want a more detailed explanation of your specific breeding success. Make use of our breeding assistent and email us your question.
























My advice to everybody that want tot do a incubation process; 


  make all the breeding conditions optimal





The next conditions are crucial;





   Use fresh hatching eggs, not older than 14 days.





   Well preserved hatching eggs, storing around
   10/14 degrees without too much temperature





   Leave transported hatching eggs rest for 24 hours         before going breed.





   Avoid high fluctuations in temperature and






 When the chicks hatch the egg is 70% moisture is a       must!





   Keep the incubator closed during the outcome.





   Ensure proper fertilization of the eggs