Incubator quail and bantam guarantor 30-12

Incubator quail and bantam guarantor 30-12

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These model incubators have two versions, namely the small and the large variation. The small incubator (38x19x27cm) ; for 30 quails eggs or 12 bantam eggs. The large incubator (Dimensions 54 x 35 x 20 cm); for 54 quail eggs or 24 bantam eggs.

These incubators are both fully automatic incubators, where the hatching temperature is precisely adjustable to 0.1 tenth grades. As with our other incubators is the outcome of the chicks to follow through the transparent top cover of the incubator. We have used these incubators several times to be check and control a good outcome of the fertilized eggs. It appears that this incubator combines beautiful design with expanded functionality.


These incubators have the following possibilities;

1. digital temperature accurately adjustable from 20 to 50° C  (or 68-122° F)
2. adjustable alarm for large temperature differences.
3. the automatic turning of eggs is adjustable by 30/45/60/75/90 minutes
4. correction or recalibration of incubation temperature is possible
5. all possible formats are egg to hatch
6. easy to use and includes English manual
7. transparent cover for better surveillance of the recently hatched chicks
8. adjustable egg tray, adjustable to ALL POULTRY
9. separate water channels for HUMIDITY MANAGEMENT.
10.with humidity meter in the breeding area

It appears that this incubator is fairly resistant to climatic fluctuations. Between 13 and 28 degrees no increase or decrease in the incubation temperature has been observed. The outcomes of these incubators were 83% of fertilized eggs. These results are only achieved with good and fresh hatch eggs.

In summary;
This is a real BUDGET incubator, where you for a very reasonable price can still get a good breeding success, with a adjustable and accurate incubator, which also has a lot of possibilities. 


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